Matching endless talent to an abundance of untapped opportunities in Web3

The premier platform for connecting top-tier talent with projects in Web3 using the best tools available

Find and hire candidates from around the world
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For individuals in Web3

We make your dreams come true

Build and show off your in-depth and anonymous profile on and off chain
Simply connect, network, and chat with founders, friends, and colleagues
Become a recruiter and earn cryptocurrency through successful referrals
Search from an ever expanding and verified list of jobs and freelance gigs
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For companies in Web3

Perfect for startups and established companies

Create your companies profile and customise it to represent your brand image
Manage your company: post unlimited job listings, get tasks done, and pay your employees
Receive exposure through our referral, partnership, and marketing initiatives

RETHINK by Rethinkable

Increase the efficiency and lower the barriers to entry for candidates, companies, and communities to network
Educate and develop blank-profile candidates through recognising and rewarding the completion of courses
Disrupt how we think about recruitment by incentivising good actors through a refer-and-earn model, allowing anyone to become a recruiter
Provide verification infrastructure to uplift those that are truthful and vice versa for those that take shortcuts
The future of Web3 Networking

Our Product Roadmap

Phase 1

Discord bot to allow full functionality within Discord

MVP jobs board with Discord bot integration

UI/UX prototype of Phase 2

Social media launch and community building

Community, project, and company partnerships

Phase 2

Job marketplace: browse, manage, apply to, build resume

Profiles: for companies and individuals

Achievements: complete on-chain activities and be rewarded

Networking: messaging, connecting, following, and more

Phase 3

Digital ID: tick, process, on-chain certificate

Payments: tools, payment options, fiat onboarding

Referrals: decentralising recruitment through refer and earn

Freelance marketplace: post, manage, and sell services

Phase 4

Education: curated Web3 educational courses

Events: real life networking events

Data analysis: insights and stats

INEGRATE: API for enterprise company integrations

More to come...